I'm Neal and I've spent my life creating things from legos to songs and now, to creating amazing experiences for guests in vacation properties across Nashville, TN.  

I started the Air Butler to help homeowners maximize the revenue potential of their spaces, while bringing my passion for relationships, hospitality and beauty to the marketplace.

Viewing clients, guests and team members through the lens that they are divine image bearers is the basis of my work.  I believe that business is chiefly about relating to others in a life giving way.  I believe that genuine hospitality stems from a desire to celebrate others by making them feel welcome in a new place.  I want my guests to leave Nashville with a renewed sense of wonder and I want to see neighborhoods and businesses prosper from it!

I am highly selective about the spaces I manage because I believe that beauty goes beyond what we see on the surface of things.  I believe beauty to be a reflection of our value as humans and therefore I seek to celebrate it in the spaces my clients and partners create.   

In addition to the atmosphere I create for my guests, I also create a consistent and trustworthy experience for my homeowners. I have a wealth of knowledge about the vacation rental marketplace and the trends that are shaping prices and driving growth. I am highly responsive and clear, issuing detailed financial reports each month so you never have to wonder how your rental is performing. Your concerns are my concerns. Let the Air Butler serve you!