Thanks for your information!

Please download and complete the forms below.  Once you are finished you may email them to us using the button at the bottom of this page or send directly to  Thank you!

Home Ready Checklist 

This is an extensive checklist of all the things we ask our clients to provide in their homes before we begin renting to guests.  Please sign and return to us upon completion. Feel free to ask for help!

Davidson County Codes Department Homeowner Authorization Form

Please download, sign and have this form notarized so that we can obtain a short-term rental permit on your behalf.

TN Power of Attorney to Remit Lodging Taxes Form

Please print your name and sign it.  This allows MyLodgeTax to remit all of your lodging, sales and business taxes each month.

W9 Tax Form

We will need this so that we can send a form 1099 at the end of each year to show what we paid our client.

The Air Butler Agreement

This is our contract to act as an agreement between our team and you, the client.  Please sign and date.