"Neal has been a great resource for me on the management of my house.  His attention to detail and follow-through on projects and communication is a tremendous help.  I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a property manager."  - Jeremy, 12th South

"I've had a great experience with the Air Butler.  Neal and his team truly care about my home.  Neal has helped make constant updates to my home since day one to improve our guests experience and increase revenue.  My home has all 5 star reviews on Airbnb!  To do short-term rental you need the help of someone who knows what they're doing, which is why I recommend going with none other than the Air Butler."

- Brian, East Nashville

"The Air Butler does an incredible job with caring for our home in the same way we would.  Being able to rent out our home while we're out of town is seamless.  They handle all the communication, take care of issues while the home is being rented, and do an incredible job of cleaning the home between clients.  Highly recommend!"  - Stephen and Jessica, East Nashville

"Working with the Air Butler was a great experience.  I was able to enjoy traveling with my family, knowing my property and my guests were cared for!" - Jim, East Nashville

"Neal was wonderfully accommodating from the moment we inquired to the time we left." - Merv, guest

"Neal was awesome from the get go! He responded quickly and was very communicative and wanted to make sure we had a great stay at his place!" - Sacha, guest

"I contacted a number of Airbnb hosts, and Neal responded immediately and courteously." - Ben, guest